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At the Hi In Concepts Experience center at Jubilee Hills, there are no imperfections. You would need to run your finger down a sleek, quartz-topped surface to understand. You will find it is smooth, without seams, joints or splinters. Even sink drains take on a different appeal: instead of being ugly little holes, they are graceful interstices that are functional and easy on the eyes. Apart from being modern, sleek and geometrically perfect, all the products have one surprising quality: they are machine-made for ordinary human beings. All cupboards are within reach, and drawers open with a mere touch.

These simple, elegant solutions are genius. They are the culmination of strong vision and detail-obsession that turn an ordinary space into a haven. That is the brilliance of modern design, and at Hi In Concepts, they are executed to perfection. red caught up with one-third of the founding trio, Arvind Raghuvanshi, to find out more.

The Beginnings
Mr.Valluri Srinivas, Mr.Majety Nagabhushanam and myself, were classmates in JNTU, and we are architects. There are several companies that we run together. Primarily we started as Hitha Design, a branding and graphic design agency in 1999. We are totally into building brochures and publicity material for builders. Our accomplishments in that field are path breaking. Concept of doing grand brochures and marketing collaterals has originated with us. In the builder segment, if you talk about Hitha Designs, every builder knows about us.

We were observing the interiors business through our work and noticed a few gaps that we believed we could fill. A lot of large scale constructions and projects are happening, and not everybody can work with an architect. Even if they do find a good architect, it is hard to find a good vendor to finish the job.

So, we decided to be solution- providers for Indian-made modular wardrobes, cabinets and kitchens. They are integral to interior design. Our part of the story is, to Make in India products that are on par with what you get internationally, from Italy or Germany, of course at a much lower cost. That is how we went about things. We started Hi In Concepts in 2008 and today we are a highly design-oriented, national award-winning company.

Experience the world of Modern Interiors
We are one of the finest experience centers in India, in terms of kitchens and wardrobes. This is the only place in India, where you can have modular kitchens made of solid wood. They are made of treated teak wood and stainless steel. They are resilient and can be kept outdoors. People have been importing kitchens, while we are manufacturing them here.
We can very proudly say that the best of the quality you can ask for in India is here. There is absolutely no compromise in any of the things that we have created. We don’t cut corners. We make our products to order.

Magnificent materials
It is the quality of the materials that breathes life into a great design. We source the finest of the materials from across the world. Our hardware, our laminates- all these components are from the best of the brands. We use only branded products. Take for example, the plywood that we use over here is made to order. It is calibrated to fit the surface and environment needs perfectly. It is not like the commercial plywood you find in the market.

Another thing we take care of is the edge-banding, what runs on the sides and edges of a counter or a door. The lifeline of any modular product is the quality of the edgeband, and ours seal the material in so well that even if you take a knife and you try to peel it off, you can't. This is the quality of our adhesives and methods. This is what makes it long-lasting.

Seamless surfaces
On the kitchen counters and the flooring below, there are absolutely. no joints The surface is smooth. This is because of our unique quartz-based microtopping material. It is a continuous, innovative and tactile surface that can make any space unique. It is completely eco-friendly, it can be handled with bare hands, and is totally waterproof. It comes without labels and can be applied on any surface- indoors or outdoors, kitchens or bathrooms, on glass, tile, plastic. You name it. It is a fuss-free, aesthetically app-ealing product that gives the user a lot of flexibility and is easy to maintain because it doesn’t crack. We are the sole distributor of this Italian product in India.

100% customisation
What we are able to offer is something that an ordinary carpenter or a showroom-purchase cannot. Our creations can be customised down to the last detail: If the space you have is 8ft and ¾ inches, your wardrobe will run exactly that length. It won’t be 9 ft or 8.5 ft. We can also finetune for things like if you want a special area for your jewellery and watches, or for something to be more suitable for your height. No two clients get the same product because their needs are totally different. Production at its finest Whatever is designed in the studio, we have the ability to make an exact reproduction in the factory without any human involvement. The methodology and the technology we are adopting, the kind of infrastructure we have created for factory production, they are mind blowing. They are the technologies of the future. They allow us to make solutions that are truly world-class, which our clients can enjoy for a long time.

Design from Dialogue
Clients are a big part of the design process, and we don’t follow a commercial selling cycle. Interaction happens with us at two levels. One level is, clients can walk in and interact with our designers, architects and a whole group of production people to come up with something. We encourage them to come in, we sit in the open, we exchange thoughts and ideas, have a cup of tea.

The second level is, through a digital tool in the comfort of your home called Hi In My Studio. With a floor plan, you can design your own kitchen, wardrobe, and cabinetry, in less than twenty minutes. You can document your own thought process and visualise your space. You can share this with any architect or interior designer. When you take a printout, it's a rendered image of your own, and you can use it to discuss with the designer.

The soul of great design.
Good design is that which doesn't show as ‘design’. It is an extension of you. When you get a good design, you are already in love with it. It's anthropometric, it is ergono-mic. It is effortless. It is easy to use, to maintain, to be around. A short person should be able to reach the highest shelf in the cupboard. We firmly believe that more people should enjoy the benefit of a great design.

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