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Following his passion for diamonds and jewellery, Jibran Sharif not only started his own line of fine jewellery, but also opened a store recently. A firm believer in the maxim-let the product do all the talking and publicity, this young man is known for his quality products and designs. His better half Maha is his pillar of support and in step with him in every endeavour. We went into the household of this couple to understand his work and their relationship better.

Why did you take up jewellery designing?
Soon after I completed my Intermediate studies, my father wanted me to study diamond grading and gemology. He felt that this field has always been with limited families over the years and hence wanted me to pick up the tricks of the trade early in life. That is why I started to learn everything related to jewellery- right from diamond grading, gemology, designing and diamond cutting. To gain knowledge in this field, I went to various institutes.

Which aspect in this trade attracts you the most?
I feel the word diamond itself gets people excited and they want to know more about it. Initially, it was my curiosity that got me started. Soon it turned into a passion. My fondness grew as I started learning about diamonds and finally, decided to make a career in this field.

What is the best and worst part of your business?
The worst part about working with diamonds is that you have to be always careful when it comes to security. A simple mistake under your lens, while buying diamonds, can cost you a lot, especially because its price changes drastically, depending on very minute details. It is a game of the best eye.
The best part about dealing with diamonds is they are the sought after investments, besides being a woman’s best friend. It’s value in the market has been forever increasing.

Where do you source your gems from?
Mostly, we source our diamonds from South Africa and from across the country. Coloured stones are procured from many other countries.

What is your process like of creating a piece?
To begin with, we discuss design. Then the final design is sent to our factory for the production where the minute details- from the diamond setting, to the polish and finishing of product- are checked. Then only it comes to us or gets delivered to the customer.

Tell us more about men’s jewellery.
These days, men too have become very fashion conscious. Apart from buying clothes, shoes and watches, a lot of men are wearing accessories. That is what made me come up with gold and diamond accessories for men.
I have rose gold and diamond bracelets, diamond buttons and cufflinks with their initials engraved on it.

What about jewellery for babies?
This idea of making baby jewellery came to my mind from my own home. I am blessed with 3 daughters and I call them my Charlie's Angels. I design jewellery for my girls on their birthdays since gold and diamonds are something which are reusable and at the same time a good investment. That is when I thought I could end up catering to a lot of kids for the same by starting a kids’ line.

What do you specialise in?
We specialise in light weight jewellery and we use a lot of fancy diamonds. Our finish is the best in the city, I can assure you this.

Which is your favourite piece so far?
It is under process and I will unveil it very soon. Just to give you a hint, it will be a diamond choker.

Where is your workshop?
We have our own manufacturing unit here in Hyderabad and few pieces are manufactured in Hong Kong and Jaipur.

What are the aspects you look into?
Since my clients come only on appointment, most of my time goes in handling the customers and during the rest of the time, I look into the finishing of my jewellery.

How are your designs different from others in the market?
It is not right for me to say anything.
I suggest you visit our store and experience the difference.

What is your favourite part of designing?
Without a moment of doubt, the best part of designing a piece of jewellery is when my ideas and thoughts are coming to the forefront. I try to focus on the whole piece evenly rather than on one aspect.

How do you customise?
I am very passionate about my jewellery and while customising, I see to it that my customer gets something which is affordable but at the same time is very beautiful. Beauty of the final product is more important than anything else.

One reason to come to Jibran Jewels...
Of course, for the designs and finishing.
I can assure you that you would fall in love with each piece that we create here.

What was your biggest fear?
Everyone has their own fears while starting something new and different. I had my own too because I was trying to create jewellery which is not regularly seen in the market. However, while designing or choosing a design, I wanted to run in between the lines where both the old generation and the new generation should like and appreciate the designs.

What are the pieces you are working on now?
Since the wedding season is soon approaching, I am creating uncut diamond necklaces with polished diamonds – which is quite a never -seen-before combination.

What are your other interests?
Travelling and cricket.

How do you balance work and family?
There is no simple formula to attain a perfect balance. All you need to do is never forget that both are important. Whenever I get an early off from work, I do make it a point to go out for dinner or a family outing by just not limiting it to the weekends.

How would you like to spend a holiday?
It all depends on the people I go with on a holiday with. If it is with family, I would love to go to a place where I can relax and spend time with my wife and kids and if it is with friends, then it has to be a party place.

She is beautiful inside out and keeps me grounded: Jibran Maha is extremely calm, quiet, understanding and witty. She is a strong support system in my life. She takes care of every small thing that I like and dislike and is a wonderful mother to my kids. It amazes me as to how she is always polite to people! I have never seen her being rude to anyone, which is the best part of her. It does not seem like I am married to her, we are more like we’re dating. We have great chemistry. I do not have to think twice before I speak to her. I can spend hours with her alone. We never get bored of each other. She is quite a perfectionist as she wants to be the best in whatever she does. I am grateful to her for having stood by me at times I have needed her the most, whether it was business or personal issues. I do not know anyone who does not like her and I don’t fault them – she is a selfless person who is always there when needed.

Car - La Ferrari
Meal out - Adaa, Taj Falaknuma (she finds it the most romantic place)
Movie – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge
Book - I am sure she is not into it.
Shopping day - She drags me to every corner of the city, not just one mall or a store.
Colour - Black
Artiste - Ed Sheeran
Song - Pehla Nasha
Flower - Lilies
Dessert - Anything with chocolate she would hog.

He is an amazing person and a true gentleman: Maha
I do not want to sound cheesy, but I think he is the best and I am thankful to God for making me his better half. He is not only an amazing husband, but also a doting father and devoted son. Jibran and I have similar likes, dislikes and tastes. We do not keep any barriers in our relationship as he knows how to keep me happy and vice versa. I have learnt a lot from him in life and that is how our relationship grows each day. I have learnt how to enjoy life. Not too many people know that he has got great culinary skills and is quite a professional at making some authentic Hyderabadi dishes.

Car - La Ferrari
Movie- DDLJ and Troy
Book - Godfather
Shopping Day - He prefers shopping online.
Colour - Black and white
Artiste - Rihanna and Enrique
Song - He has got a huge list.
Flower - Rose
Dessert - Truffle pudding I make.
Meal out - He is not particular about the place, he is more into tasty food.

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