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He is young, dynamic and energetic. Though he earned an engineering degree from BITS Pilani, Goa campus and an MBA degree from Coventry University, UK, he opted to take charge of the family business. With a great respect for the five decade-old trade tradition and to match it with the modern trends, Vijay Kumar Yenamala established Zasya design store. His wife Nusrath Farheen, a financial analyst with Earnest Young, is not only the ‘finance minister’ of his home, but also the Queen of his heart. Birds of the same feather flock together, they say. It holds good for this couple as they are completely in harmonyboth personally or professionally. Here is a glimpse into this lovely couple's life which can easily be the plot of any commercial film.

The fashion foray
My home town is Dharmavaram, Anantapur District, a hub of silk saris. My family has been in silk sari manufacturing and is one of the well-established and very well known wholesalers. Growing up in such an environment, I was naturally exposed to this trade right from a young age. However, with an intention to have a sound academic foundation, I pursued my MBA. Post my MBA, I did work for five years in the industry before taking the reins of the family trade in my hands.

Job vs entrepreneur
Yes, many would expect that I, with such high qualifications, would ideally opt for a job which offers security. The fashion industry may be all about creative glitter and glamour, but it is also fraught with high risk. Encouraged by the fact that my family is at the back end and creates fashion, I invested my expertise in bringing our skill to the forefront. To achieve that there was no better way than to step into the retail segment

Two sides of the coin
Fashion has now become an indicator of social status. It gives a great creative satisfaction to see your outfits making the customer smile & brides blush. But, the trends in the fashion industry change very rapidly and we need to be ever ready to embrace them. Compounding the problem further are the mushrooming outlets in Hyderabad. So, having a fashion label is a challenging task.

Sustaining competition
One very important factor is to stay up to date with the fashion trends. We should make sure that the latest attires are available on our store counters. Pricing is the second important factor and last but not the least is customer service.

Indian weaves
As mentioned, my family has been into Dharmavaram silks for decades. So, we always have a special affinity to Indian weaves. We are one of the largest manufacturers & wholesalers of silk saris, catering to the major retailers in South India. With 800 weavers working for us, most of the production happens in-house. This gives us an extra edge and a total control over the quality of products. I have always worked in collaboration with weavers, even when the Indian weaves took a backseat. Now, with awareness growing, it is nice to see many fashion designers and labels choosing Indian weaves.

Ideation to implementation
Apart from our own manufacturing, we have tie-ups with some of the biggest manufacturers in India, in other segments of women's ethnic wear. With this kind of background and experience, our procurement team is very selective about the products, not just in designs, but also in quality. Every woman is special and so are her tastes. Therefore, to satisfy all tastes, we offer a wide range of collection. Our sales teams are perfectly trained to understand the requirements of the customers and help them chose the right products.

Customisation vs pre-designed outfits Often the customers go for pre-designed outfits. Those who like to wear outfits that are exclusive or different from the current market trends and who are very particular about their fittings prefer customisation. Otherwise, many prefer to select from the pre-designed outfits.

Tough ride
Being in the fashion industry is like riding a tiger. You need to always stay on it. Fashion changes rapidly and we must stay ahead of it.

Future of Zasya
Soon we are opening one exclusive outlet for wholesale of silk saris at Banjara Hills. We are planning to spread our wings by opening more stores, boutiques, and want to encourage designers through this exercise

The other side of Vijay
I love cooking and it is a stress buster for me. People who have tasted my dishes say I cook great. I love watching films and traveling.

Balancing work & life
Since we are in retail business, we are open all the seven days a week. I take time whenever I need a break. I am a movie buff and watch all Telugu movies. I love to travel a lot and whenever I get a chance I plan a trip. As I studied in the UK, I have a very special liking for it and that is my all-time favourite spot. Europe is also one preferred destination.

Ours is a proper filmy love story. I met her on Orkut and it all started there. After being in relation for eight years with some filmy style romancing, we got hitched in Dec 2015. She is a workaholic just like me and believes in giving 100% to professional commitments. Hence she understands and respects my style of working and completely supports me. As we both are professionals, we respect each other’s' priorities and accordingly balance our schedules and leisure

Car: Mini Cooper
Meal out: Any place with live music and tasty food

Ye jawani hai deewani
Shopping day
Any day when there are good offers
and when in mood
Naturals icecream
Holiday destination

We have known each other for a very long time. So naturally Vijay knows everything about me, sometimes even my thoughts much before I express them. He cares a lot about me and shows that in little things. We do not have kids yet, but I can say that he would be a good father going by the affection and care he bestows on his brother's kids. He is very romantic and likes to surprise me - planning a short trip to a quiet little place for the weekend or taking me out on a date. Sometimes we just spend time together at home, which is more romantic than anything else. Well, we come from two completely different backgrounds so there are bound to be some dissimilarities. We don't agree on certain things but we accept each other’s views. Vijay is more a thinker focusing on how one can grow his/her trade. He is good at putting together checks and processes to increase the efficiency of his staff. He is good at strategies that way.

Jaguar XJ
Meal out
Any restaurant with good Indian
food and some nice music
Movie of all time
Mr.Bean/Johny English
Shopping day
When the mood comes
Favourite song
Changes according to the trend
Anything with chocolate
Holiday destination

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