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In the world full of engineers, he had no escape from the obvious.
So he obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer science. Taking the much beaten path, he got into a corporate job. However, somewhere MS Dhheeraj knew that he was not meant for a 9 to 5 job, reporting to seniors and having restricted leave terms. He took the plunge into the world of business and he did it with such earnestness that his passion became his brand. That was how the city's one of the most sought after car detailing service center, Amigo Autospa came into existence.

She is simple, humble and shy. Despite being the most pampered kid, Nivedita Emani grew up imbibing the family values and culture. She chose a partner who is outgoing while she is more into looking within. Though endowed with qualities that stand in stark contrast, to each other, they are a picture-perfect couple. In conversation with Dhheeraj and his better half Nivedita about love, life, and his entrepreneurial journey.

Formative years
I was born in Hyderabad and in a traditional joint family. Most of my relatives are into services and a quite few of them are professionals like doctors, advocates and CAs. It being a large family group, there is a dozen of cousins of the same age who always discussed ranks, percentages and academic choices. However, my parents saw to it that the pressure comparisons and ranks affect us. I believed in education, but placed common sense and practical knowledge above it. When others liked maths, I used to like social and languages. When others were obsessed with cricket, I used to take out my cycle and explore the streets. Indoor life has never attracted me.

The Eureka Moment
After a decade-long hectic career I took a break for six months and went on a tour along with my wife. As I was scouting to start my own venture, I heard of AutoSpa business. Automobiles always fascinate me. So, the business model and the budget excited me. A grueling homework and studies revealed that the market was highly scalable. I jumped into action.

Setting up Amigo Autospa
My intuition told me, “Three years buddy, start it and you can take it to the next level.” I never suffered the fear of failure. I was highly positive and full of energy. One needs to believe in the idea, take a risk and make it happen. My thoughts were clear. If it is working, think of bettering it and speed it up and if it is not, make it work.

If you choose a franchise, the brand helps you in setting up your place but if you are building your own, you need to take care of a plethora of things. Everything you set, use, show and deliver has to be done same pace as you grow. The brick and motor is not a hurdle as you can break it and redo it, for a price. But setting the culture, sales and operation processes, meeting the customers’ expectation were challenging but I enjoy doing all that. The positioning of the brand as a detailing company took some time. We, initially, had to forego a few customers. But it all fell into place. When I set my goal, I would not allow hurdles disturb me. The idea was to face them and solve them.

Handling Competition
Complementing is more important than competing withe each other. The addressable market is rather huge. No one company can serve all. If a customer compares us with another firm, I admit that what is being offered by others is also good. I do not believe in bad mouthing. I feel happy to see my competitor’s stores filled with cars. That means the market is on and I am assured of my piece of cake. The industry is on and trending as long as competition is on. In fact, most of them are friends. We meet, party, play cricket & support each other.

Customers tell me that we are relationship- driven, transparent in services, friendly and highly communicative. This is because we are process-driven, have tech interface, culture set and operate like a company. We understand Indian customer’s mindset well.

The person within
I am a networking guy and love to have people around me.
I have handled many leadership posts in trade and networking fora. I love hanging around with entrepreneurs, brewing ideas and listening to success stories. I attend seminars, training sessions and I love eating at new joints and watching movies.

Balancing work and life
I am in a phase of business where I need to give it my best energies but this is also the most enjoyable phase of my life. Luckily, I have a life partner who understands that my business at this phase demands a lot of my time. All she wants is quality time and I am good at giving that. We are simple and believe that happiness lies in little things.

Mantra for Life
Simple living & high thinking. What goes around comes around. Give the best to get the best.

Ours is an arranged marriage. The process began from a matrimonial site. Our first reactions were-‘not my type, completely opposite.’ I am an extrovert, outgoing, loud and aggressive. She is soft-spoken, reserved, spiritual and philosophical. I was sure that after the meet, she would reject me and she too thought the same. Your thought processes change when you really look forward to having a supportive life partner. My return drive made me analyse that we with our contrast qualities and nature would somehow prove to be a happy couple. By the time I reached Hyderabad, I made up my mind and even communicated the same to our families. She is a wonderful person and as a life partner. She keeps the joy at home with her humour and goodness. She understands family ties, duties, rituals and practices. She has been my rock solid support. Being an entrepreneur is a risky affair. But her trust in me made me take the risk. Since the past one year, she started helping me in my work too. My married life too is scaling new heights along with my business.

Colour- Not any specific
Cuisine- Italian
Dessert- Chocolate
Holiday destination- Solo travel
in Italy.
Car - Honda
Apparel brand- Taneir

Brought up in Bangalore, I studied CA. I am the only child and obviously, have been pampered a lot. Honestly, Dhheeraj continues the practice by spoiling me. The first thing that impressed me in Dhheeraj was his dynamism. As I got to know him, it was his honesty which impressed me the most. This is the quality I still admire in him and that is what gave me the confidence to say yes to this marriage proposal. We celebrated our 5th anniversary this year and so far it has been an interesting journey. I have found a friendship that can last a lifetime and that is more than what I can ask for. Our channels of communication are always wide open so there is no room for any apprehensions about what we can or cannot discuss or share. Dhheeraj is like a fully charged device, active and energetic - with a lot of ideas and dreams. So I know I have signed up for an unknown adventure and I am enjoying every moment of it.

As a husband, he is very understanding and supportive. My goals are as important to him as that of his. He trusts the choices I make and gives me my independence, yet he makes sure that he is always there for me. He encourages me to challenge myself and set new goals. Despite his professional achievements, he is inextricably attached to his family and the values instilled in him. As a couple, we have minor differences once in a while and some bickering too. But what is a marriage without those little fights? On the whole, the ride is a happy one and I am content with it.

Colour - Black and blue
Cuisine & dessert – He is a foodie and can try about just anything.
Holiday destination - He loves to travel and wishes to see every place possible but his perfect holiday spot is Ireland.
Car - Mercedes
Apparel brand – He is very particular about his dressing but he has no go-to brand. He would wear any brand in any style.

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