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Life is a roller coaster ride. Standing true to this quote is the journey of Boddu Shatish, the proud owner of one of the best dealers of TVS vehicles in Hyderabad. Like gold that has to be heated and beaten to get that perfect shape and quality, Shatish has seen the depths of failure and the peaks of success that has made him a man of worth and a businessman of values. Standing through thick and thin of his journey is his wife Sridevi. She walked into his life and took charge of his well being and his family, allowing Shatish to focus on his professional endeavors. On a bright sunny morning, the couple speaks about their togetherness and fundas of life.

Humble beginnings
I was born in Rajahmundry and brought up in Hyderabad, hailing from a humble family. My father Mr.Appa Rao used to work in ECIL and my mother Mrs.Krishnaveni has taken care of the whole family. I am the youngest of three siblings. I was never interested in studies. Yet at my mother’s behest, I pursued CA.

I joined the TVS MBOs training programme in servicing 2 and 4 stroke vehicles which was a CSR initiative. When the training was nearing completion, we were put onto different service stations. I chose Malakpet, where I was made to work as a cleaner and a mechanic, before I made up my mind on starting my own venture.

Initial step
I launched an animation firm, which incurred heavy losses. I had to sell my mother's jewellery to pay the employees’ salaries. This created a rift between my father and me. However, I stuck to my guns and started my own workshop and authorized display center Shatish Motors at Boduppal.

I started it by selling a plot that we had in Vizag.
Shatish Motors was doing very well. Our concept of Night demo went viral and was emulated by others. I was duly rewarded and granted the sub-dealership. Initially, it was a tad difficult as we had no vehicles to sell. We ran the show with the support of my friends and contacts in the TVS dealers. In 2011, we started our showroom and workshop and managed them with great success. But the sales came down in 2012 and our performance in 2013 was dismal. Things were going messy and we decided to move away from TVS.

Shampoorna Automotives
Tired of falling sales and drying up funds, I decided to play big and go ahead with Suzuki. When I was all set to take that step, Anil sir from Sneha TVS suggested that I should stick to TVS. I got the dealership and Shampoorna Automotives took birth on 9 June 2014. We have been doing phenomenal sales right from day one and have been appreciated by the brand on various platforms and many occasions. We won a lot of awards for sales and customer service. We took the lead and started expanding. We also identified non-performing dealers/sub-dealers and took them over. We faced many odds and evolved setting our own standards.

The driving force
It has never been a smooth journey. Also, I have a track record of messing up things every three years. I invested in a commercial property and was duped. Once again everything went haywire. But I strongly believe in playing big and failing big. I go with my gut and stand by the results. The fact that I am providing livelihood to so many families motivates me. Success & failure are passing clouds. But you should stay on. Though many ditched me on this journey, I have been moving ahead.

Competition is inevitable in every field. It keeps us on our toes. Competitors ensure that success doesn't get to your head and remind you that you are not indispensable.

Mother's support
My mother is my support system. We speak very less to each other but she can read my mind. Whenever I have a problem or conflict, I get a call from my mother asking if everything is fine. In a couple of incidents, she was uncomfortable with my decisions and they did backfire. For instance, she did not say no to my buying the commercial land, but she was not comfortable with the move. We ran into heavy loss because of the Telangana agitation. So, I don't do anything that my mother is doubtful about.

A personal note
I am addicted to my business. I love challenges, besides bikes and cars which I drive with utmost safety. I am fond of clothes, watches and shoes. I don't drink but I am a foodie and love cooking. Post a two-wheeler accident in 2007 I have slowed on riding. I am a social animal and have a huge circle of friends. I love travelling and plan my vacations based on the school schedule of my children. I am an extremely emotional person with a tinge of practicality.
I cannot refuse help to someone in need, though I was exploited many times. I am an optimist, believe in karma and think that our good deeds earn us rewards.

Proud father
I have 2 sons- Shabrish Krishnappa (9 years) and Mokshagnya Mohan Krishna (6 years). I was the boss at work and home too. But after my younger one was born, he has become the boss of the house. He is a bundle of positive energy. After my mother, if there is anyone who can read my mind, it is Mokshagnya. He keeps a tab on everyone's well being. I have to keep him posted about my whereabouts; otherwise, he tortures his mother, making her call me repeatedly. My wife takes care of their needs. I try to keep my kids grounded. I park my car away from the school, when I go to drop them because I don’t want them to boast of their father's stature. This may lead to financial barriers between them and their peers.

I discourage them from watching TV and playing games on phone.
I make them spend time with my parents, their mother and people. We dine together and go on drives.
I believe generally children are good. It is we, parents, who spoil them. For our comfort or convenience, we get them into wrong habits.

We feel insecure about our kids spreading their wings. We don't allow them to play with the children of people from lower rung. Children are like blank paper: what you write on it is your prerogative. I want my children to be humane, good and responsible.

I wish to start a restaurant and get into construction. When I was going through my lows, someone said that I was finished. I resolved that I will not only bounce back in my industry, but will also foray into his field and make a mark. Hence, I want to venture into construction though I don’t much like the field.

Ours is an arranged marriage. We got married in 2008. When I met her, the first thing that hit me is her simplicity and humility. She is an honest lady who has no filters to her mouth. Good, bad or ugly she speaks out. When we were getting married I told her only one thing, that my parents are an indispensable aspect of my life. At no point in life, I will live away from them. Also, there is no restriction on anything and she can work as she has obtained an M.Sc degree. But I did tell her that if she is capable of balancing both home and work, then she can go ahead. But the fact is she is quite opposite to me. I am a social animal and she prefers being at home. So, her priority has always been the kids, home and her limited circle of friends. I am happy that she has been taking care of the family so well. One incident stands out distinctly in my memory.
I discovered that she suffered from motion sickness when we were on our honeymoon.

Actor: Prabhas | Vehicle: Scooter
Colour: Red | Food: Chicken

I saw him for the first time on our engagement day. By then
I heard a lot of things about him, his business and his nature. So, when I met him
I realized that he was exactly the same as I had imagined him to be. He has taken good care of me. Because of him,
I got a loving, caring and complete family. Amidst all his works and loaded social life, he ensures to take time for us.

Actor: Rajinikanth
Food: Veg: alu fry, Non-veg: all
Movie: Jodha Akbar
Holiday destination: Any spot

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