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Raashi Khanna is not just yet another gift North has given to South Indian film industry. She has come as a total package of looks, talent and ambition. The audience here seems to have accepted her with open arms, of course only after critically acclaiming her work. It is little surprise that she climbed the ladder of success, rightfully earning place in Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam industries. If she is bold and beautiful on the screen, she is awe-inspiring off screen. At once spiritual and adventurous, the actor is a traditionalist at heart and believes in family values and lives by them. She tells us how film industry treated her and vice versa.

Venturing into Tamil films
These days, with platforms like Amazon, there is wider exposure. Tamil audience watches Telugu films, Telugu audience watches Punjabi films. So, all the industries are open to each other. I am glad and grateful that I am given the opportunity to be a part of the talent trove- Tamil cinema.

How has the journey been so far?
It has been great. Of course, I did have my share of highs and lows. I must admit that the highs were more since I am a very balanced person. I don’t take failure to my heart just like I don’t take success to my head.

About cinema
When I had started out, I had no relevant knowledge of cinema. But over the course as I learned, I allowed it to change me as a person. I truly believe that as you become a better actor, you also become a better person. Because playing different characters gives you the ability to think like other people. That sensitizes you towards everybody.

Three movies that you learned the most from Oohalu gusagusalade, Supreme and Tholi Prema Your take on comedy I never, before the movie Supreme, thought I could pull off comedy. But I must thank my director, who helped me tap this new side in me. I am okay with people laughing at me. When I was growing up, I was really fat and people laughed at me all the time, and I laughed with them. That gave me the confidence and security I needed now to bring out my comic side.

About Tholi Prema
This movie was an emotional roller coaster. Playing three different versions of the same girl was a little taxing, because you are not just putting yourself in someone’s shoes, you’re also stitching those shoes over a time period. It was a very enriching experience. I learned a lot as a person and as an actor.

About family
I am an old school girl. I believe in the cultural thread of family and the piousness of marriage.
I believe it is family that keeps
our feet rooted in earth, and teaches us to be content with little joys. My parents, who are my prized possession, moved to Hyderabad to live with me, and I absolutely love this situation.

Most favourite character
you’ve played so far The character I played in Adanga Maru, Anitha. She is independent and free willed, but at the same time strong headed. I loved the way it was conceptualized.

On women’s portrayal in cinema
Cinema is a camera facing and reflecting society. Of course, it tells a story. But the story should revolve around a backdrop of what is actually happening. Today you see so many strong women out there, paving their own path.

I am glad this trend is being reflected on celluloid. Of course, as time goes, there will be more & more space for varied female-oriented narratives.

What are the traits an actor must have?
Films are all about telling a story with conviction. So first, the actor must have the ability to express her/his emotions. Second is fitness. Of course, looks always give you an extra edge.

What is the secret of your fitness?
I workout six days a week, one and a half hours each day. I am extremely self-motivated towards my fitness.

The most adventurous thing you’ve done
I am an adventure freak. I have held snakes, including a python. But the best of all was my sky-diving experience. It was from a height of 14,000 ft. I can never forget how amazing it felt.

An unrealized dream
As a child, I nursed a dream of becoming a singer. But as I grew up, I got more studious and shifted my goal to being an IAS officer. So though I do play officers in films, the singer dream is still unfulfilled. However, I got an opportunity to showcase my voice when I recently dubbed for a film called World Famous Lover. So, I believe there is a first time for everything.

How did you come into acting?
Acting was never in my plan. It just happened. When I was 21, I went to Mumbai for 3 months.

That was when I did my first ad for Tata Sky. Later, I got a call for Madras Café, and it was soon followed by a call for Oohalu gusagusalade. One thing led to another, and I found myself very much in the industry.
What do you do when you are . . . angry?
I shout, scream, and then go back to neutral.
. . .overwhelmed?
It’s similar. Emotional outbursts for me are short-lived. I’m mostly neutral in good as well as bad.
On spirituality
I am very much into spirituality.
I read a lot of books on Vedanta. Apart from that, the Ramayana and Mahabharata interest me as well. In fact, I once went to Ananda in the Himalayas for a week. I don’t follow any sect in particular. I am more spiritual than religious.
On travelling
I love travelling. Spain is my favourite place outside India. In India, nothing can replace Darjeeling for me.

Favourite fashion trend
Little black dress
The least favourite fashion trend
Leather pants
Favourite Person
My mom, she is an angel. She inspires me the most
Actor crush
Ranbir Kapoor
AR Rehman, Elvis Presley
Reading, singing, swimming
Prized possession
My family
Cutest name given to you
A friend used to call me laddoo
If not an actor
An IAS officer
Strength and weakness
My stubbornness is both my strength and my weakness
What drives you?
My passion for my work
Fashion tip
Keep trying different things while maintaining comfort

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