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With father Mr.Mirza Firasat Baig being a highly successful entrepreneur, it is only natural that Aamir Baig has business running in his blood. Fortunately, he realised this streak pretty soon and pursued it seriously. Despite having a huge family business, which branched out into multiple areas like car rentals, real estate, plastics and more, Aamir wanted to establish his own identity. This laid the foundation to one of Hyderabad's famous restaurants- Chicha's and a prestigious property - Vooty. Here is a glimpse into his life’s journey.

The beginning
I am an out and out Hyderabadi. I did my schooling in Geetanjali school, +2 in St.Mary's and went to Bhavans for my under graduation. My tenure at Bhavans was an enriching experience as I interacted with students from different backgrounds and seniors who came for campus hiring. I wasn't much interested in academics and therefore, I started assisting my dad in his business right from my school days. I used to visit our facilities whenever possible to learn the trade nuances. By the time I was in my first year of graduation, I decided to get into business and start my own venture. Before even officially getting into business, I along with a bunch of friends started a group Naughty Aliens to throw small parties.

The first step
After my graduation, I did venture into dairy and rice trading in partnership with my friends. We had to dissolve them as we failed miserably. I was taking care of our car rental service, Cozy cabs, even as I was trying my hand in other businesses. It is a corporate car rental service. When I joined, just because I am the MD's son, people used to call me sir. But I started working at the grass root level and with mechanics and drivers under the vigil of supervisors. I also drove the cabs. I still remember, my first tip was Rs.50 when I was assigned an airport drop.
Gradually, I rose in the ranks and was moved to the marketing department. My task was to get corporate deals. I used to interact with corporate giants and have cracked deals with clients like Google, Microsoft. With 200+ vehicles, we cater to almost every corporate in the city.

His contribution
I was gaining experience and handling my family business pretty well. Yet, I nursed a desire to start something of my own and to start it from the scratch. People might have wondered why I wanted to do it. My father is a self-made man. I wanted to walk in his footsteps. Though my father was a bit apprehensive about my plans, he never pulled me back. He always guided and encouraged me. Even now, I take his consent before starting anything new. Whenever, he extended financial support, I would take it only in the form of loan and repay it at the stipulated time.

Birth of Chicha’s
I am a foodie and love exploring various cuisines. One day, I was sitting with my friends Qutub Alam Khan and Fauzan Khan who are also foodies, so naturally we started discussing food. We realised that there was so much more to Nizami food than just biryani, which is not available in the city. Even if it was available, it was not cooked with authentic flavours and in a hygienic environment. That was when we decided to set up a restaurant that would serve authentic Nizami food in a hygienic environment and Chicha's came into existence.
We roped in some of the best Nizami chefs from our contacts. By the grace of the Almighty and with the efforts of our team, the restaurant is earning rave reviews. We have had the privilege of serving the who's who of the city and actors like Rana Dagubbati, Allu Arjun and others. I feel humbled when they heap praises on our food and place. While trying my hands in different businesses, I was actively involved in land trading. Like many other markets, it too collapsed during the 2006-2007 recession. I retained a few pieces of land for my future endeavours and Vooty is coming up in one of them.

Shaping Vooty
The land we selected is near Vikarabad which is actually a hill station. That's why the name Vooty. My idea was to come up with a property of international standards, promising luxury and leisure like never before. We put together a facility with a 18-hole golf course, villas which can be either bought or rented and a 2 lakh sq.ft. club house. We tied up with Dream Valley for this venture. The work is going on in full swing and it should be operational in four to five months.

Association with Kapil Dev
Very few would know that after cricket the one sport that Mr. Kapil Dev loves and plays is golf. I met him at the Hyderabad Golf course. He is very humble and warm. When I told him about Vooty, he came to see it and simply loved it. When I requested him to be the face of the property, he readily agreed. Once the property is completely ready, we will have a proper photoshoot with him. It is an honor to have him as our brand ambassador. With his charisma and simplicity sans no starry airs, he can win innumerable hearts.

Ups and downs
I have had my share of ups and downs. Projects that I hoped would take off failed but I never gave up. Being an entrepreneur calls for perseverance and an ability to learn from failures. One must not expect quick results. Be ready to open when the opportunity knocks at your door. If things don't happen, understand that there is something wrong with your approach and change it.

Dealing with competition
Indian markets are volatile. One must accept changes that are inevitable. Be innovative to face cut throat competition. I believe trades run on goodwill. Money can be earned but goodwill has to be built.

Personal sneak peek
Marrying Farah has been the best decision of my life. She binds our family. She understands my work and never complains. I have two lovely daughters Daniah (12years) Raiha (7years). I work hard throughout the week but shut myself from it on the weekends, which are totally reserved for my family. We go to our farmhouse where my parents live and spend it there. During the weekdays, I insist on dropping my children at school which is a good one hour drive. That is when all four of us get time to have a nice chat. That keeps me energised throughout the day at work.

Beyond business
I spend time with family or travel.
Future plans
The other day I told my wife that after 6-7 years, I wish to retire, relax, travel and enjoy. Till then I requested her to bear with me.
I am sure I can do that as I have a committed team. I am looking for investments out of India to come up with holiday homes for myself and for business purpose.
Passing of the legacy
Daniah is showing inclination towards business. She tags along with me to the office whenever she has an off from her school. She is a keen observer and gives her inputs when we are at home. I would be happy if she takes charge of the business.

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