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If one wants to improve the lot and life of others, all he or she needs to do is send out a tiny ripple, which will eventually grow into a mighty current and touch innumerable lives. Here the ripple is Maa Aasara and the good Samaritan who created it is CEO Malathi Dechiraju. The organisation has proved that it is not money, but the benevolent intent and initiative that run welfare activities. What started as 20 member-counselling group, has now grown into a huge organisation with nearly 500 proactive members, and 2000 volunteers chipping in on and off.

Daughter of the late Mr.Kona Prabhakar, former Governor of Maharshtra , Malathi, has been inclined to social service right from the childhood. A post-graduate in Sociology, she got married to a tobacco baron of an illustrious Guntur family. Yet, life was no smooth sail for her. She lost her husband at a very young age and moved to the US to live with her daughters. She served in a doctor’s office for 14 years before she returned home to set out on her life’s mission.

“It all started as a Facebook group with a few friends in the loop. Our motto was to serve the society without financial involvement. I floated Maa Aasara Foundation in 2011. We started with facilitating blood donations (Jeevadhaara), building a good network in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This has become a big hit in no time. Soon we could attract countless blood donors, working 24/7, 365 days, attending SoS calls with unflinching commitment.

New Direction
It was the case of Thalassemia-afflicted Hema Chandra that made us fine-tune our tasks further. We had to break the rule of avoiding financial involvement, and help him to get filtered blood and medicines. He is leading a happy life now. This experience brought us face to face with Thalassemia and its ill effects. We took up an awareness drive about Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia in both the Telugu states.

Good deeds

  • We adopted 50 kids and provided filters, wheat grass powder and medical help to them.
  • Met more than 30,000 blood donation needs.
  • Hold blood donation drives with the help of corporates.
  • Provided more than 4000 units of blood to the Thalassemia-hit kids in the twin cities.
  • Hold free employment oriented training, counselling, poetry sessions and literature workshops

Spotting the needy
More often than not the needy come to us. We collect names in blood donation and Thalassemia awareness camps, besides hospitals. We get them tested to register their exact condition. Later, we provide chelation injections, filters and wheat grass powder. We monitor these cases regularly.

Peoples’ support
Many people have this urge to help people, but do not know how to go about it. Our organisation provides them a platform. Inspired by our work, many are joining us. We could bring many committed people on board.

Government help
A study of the underdeveloped areas of the two states revealed many cases of Thalassemia. When the number went beyond 500, we realised that the task had to be taken at the government level. Responding to our appeals, the government enlisted Thalasemmia and Sickle Cell Anemia as Cashless Treatments to provide blood, medicines and haemo filters in all its hospitals through Dr.NTR Vaidya Seva. A good number of people are taking advantage of them. We function like facilitators between the affected families and the government and see to it that the help reaches the right people.

Plan & projects

  • We hold meetings at various locations to educate people about the seriousness of these diseases; help them take care of their kids, give them attention and treatment.
  • We have formed a few groups of educated people and parents of affected children to disseminate all possible information about the available government benefits.
  • We are opening area wise groups in Whatsapp and posting relevant information and precautions. We are also trying to educate them to get the children enrolled in the needed Government identity cards like Aadhar, White Ration Card, Medical Reports.
  • We strive to get more sops and monetary aid through government schemes.
  • At present only a few are able to obtain the government assistance for bone marrow transplant. Our ultimate aim/wish is to see the facility is extended to all the affected children in both the states.


“I am serving as the Maa Aasara Coordinator for Visakhaptanam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam, and have been reaching help to the needy,” says Mr.V.H. Prasad, retired Deputy Manager of Coromandel Fertilizers. He came to know of Maa Aasara though his niece Anuradha, a volunteer of the NGO. In fact, he helped her orgainse a medical camp in the city in 2015 and was totally taken in by the yeoman service the organisation has been rendering to the lesser blessed. For Mr.Prasad, who has been serving people through Pranic Healing and feeding the poor on regular basis, associating with Maa Aasara is just another opportunity to serve people. He talks of his tryst with the organisation which is helping out the uninitiated, especially from the tribal areas.

“At Ms.Malathi’s behest, I approached MLA Mr.Velagapudi who assured all the possible help. True to his word, he saw to it that a GO is issued to provide treatment to the Thalasemmia-affected in the government hospitals without any fee, bringing it under NTR Vaidya Seva scheme. Now a 35-bed ward is allotted in KGH exclusively for these kids. Thalasemmia and Sickle cell patients need to be put in quarantine as their immunity system gets low during the treatment. Children registered with the NTR Arogya Mitra Scheme are given free medicines. The Central government has also passed a GO including these two disorders to the existing list under Disability Act. Each child is given Rs.1,500 per month. To avail this facility, the patient needs to hold Software For Assessment Of Disabled For Access Rehabilitation and Empowerment (SADAREM) certificate. Now it is our job to inform people of all these facilities and help them with the formalities and paper work. We are planning a camp where they can obtain their SADAREM certificate.”

“We have created the core groups in Srikakulam, Vizag, Vizianagaram, Parvatipuram, Paderu and Bobbili and identified 150 members.

This genetic disorder can be managed through blood transfusion till the child reaches 15 years of age. But after that the patient has to undergo a bone marrow transplant which costs Rs.15 lakh. There is 50% chance of it being successful. All these odds notwithstanding, we strive to make the lives of patients and their parents as comfortable as possible, by making them avail all the facilities they are entitled to,” says Mr.Prasad, exuding zeal and hope.

Maa Aasara Event in March
Time: 2:00 pm
Date: 8th March 2018 (Thursday)
Venue: Nehru Park, Opp: DAV Public school
Sector-3, Steel Plant Township

Contact Details
Whatsapp : 8008419454
Contact: 8008419454
Contact: 0891 2525562/99891 00839

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