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A post-graduate in Community and Public Health Dentistry, she was an extremely simple and studious girl. It was nothing short of a leap into the unknown when this doctor with a successful career, took a plunge into the world of business. Whatever path she follows or whatever she does, she has to stand out. That is the story of Preeti Adusumilli who started her own range of spa and salon after a deep research. Turning into the master franchise owner of Camille Albane, she set out with a mission to make skin and hair care industry safe and healthy. Here, Preeti talks about her perception of love, life and looks.

I hail from a family in which my father Mr.K.Jagannathan was the only person who was highly educated. He worked as the Chief Engineer at the metro waterworks and also served in the Jayalalitha Cabinet. Adhering to the trends and traditions of those days, my father wanted me to become a doctor and I was fine with it. I too nursed a dream of pursuing MBBS and treating people. I was all through a topper in academics.

A new dimension
After earning PG degree, I joined Apollo, Chennai, and a few other reputed hospitals. Eventually, I moved to Hyderabad and took the paradigm shift to the world of business. I believe that prevention is anyday better than cure. That precisely was the reason why I chose Community and Public Health Dentistry which primarily focuses on identifying the possible dental problems and curing them. With this mindset and with an interest to become an entrepreneur, I floated my own venture. My husband Mr.Sunil and I have been in this industry for the past nine years before we decided to collaborate with Camille Albane.

Destiny conspired decision
My husband and I were on a cruise in Southern Europe when we accidentally saw Camille Albane. In fact, that was the time we were mulling over various options to start our business venture. We wanted to start something in the beauty industry that would be more organic and safe. My husband, who is an oral cancer expert, too had been extensively working to identify chemicals that harm our skin & health. When we walked into the Camille Albane spa, we were surprised to see the kind of work they were doing. We instantly felt a connect. We realized that Camille Albane was doing what we always wanted to do. We went through their products and it was like a Eureka moment for us. We decided to collaborate with this brand.

Spade work
We were back from our trip and we started researching further about the brand. I still remember how hard my husband worked on the project. It was like he was working on a research paper. He used to sit night after night, analyzing the facts and figures. Camille Albane is a brand that deals with beauty products which are purely organic & 100% skin and scalp-friendly. Since its inception, it has been the official beauty partner for Cannes Film Festival. Once the decision to associate with Camille Albane was made, we started communi-cating with the main brand. It has been a long journey of understanding each other before the association got official.

The game changer
When we were setting up the salon, we knew that the city market was filled with many established salons and spas & we also knew they would keep popping up like mushrooms. However, the nearly three years of backend work made us confident enough to proceed with our plan. At Camille Albane we propagate what we believe - ‘Feel healthy to look healthy’. We were sure that we would make a mark as people have become more conscious and prefer organic and natural products over others. All the products that you see at the salon and spa are directly imported from the brand and are available at a comparable price.

Since many cosmetics are proving to be harsh on and harmful to the skin and hair, the Indian government plans to make it mandatory that all the products have to be approved by FDA. But we thought about this much before. Therefore, all the products that we use or display at the salon are FDA-approved. It took us nearly 8 months to complete the process. Our hair and skin services are aimed at making them healthy. My team is trained by experts from the parent firm.

The mantra
I believe in the minimalistic use of beauty products.
I propagate it professionally. It is understandable to apply basic makeup but overuse of cosmetics should be avoided. It is better to focus on regular maintenance of skin and hair, rather than dapping them in beauty products because what you apply on your skin and scalp, immediately seeps into your blood. No wonder that using too much of cosmetics is one of the possible reasons for cancer. The mantra is keep it healthy to look good. Allocate 2-3 hours a month for yourself- to get your face a good facial and your hair a good wash. This is to ignite your pressure points which in turn enhance the blood flow in your body and brain. This ultimately makes you look hale and healthy.

Making a mark
Word of mouth is the best marketing tool. Thanks to Google, people these days do their research before opting for any brand. It gives them all the details and facts. We have been silently doing our work and our services and products speak for themselves. We never misguide our clients. For instance, a client had come complaining about dandruff. Our experts checked the hair and told that it was a simple case of flakes due to dryness of the scalp. All that was needed was an application of coconut oil and a head-bath which she could do it at home. Our honesty impressed her. She is a frequent visitor for her regular spa services now. I have clients coming from as far as Uppal and Gandipet.

My team, my strength
Be it any industry, it is important to have the right talent/skilled team. My team is well experienced & trained. Once employed, they get further trained under the experts who come from the brand. I have people who have come from all over the country. They come with a belief that it’s a good place to work & that it would offer a bright future. So, I feel responsible for them and want them to grow financially and in terms of knowledge. Recently, a member fell ill and left for his house. That made me realise that I must make it mandatory for all the team to have health insurance. I give them a healthy work environment and make them feel secure.

A simple love story
I met my husband Sunil Adusumilli during my UG programme. He was my senior. We met, fell in love and got married. My dad too instantly agreed. The fact that my husband was highly educated and hailed from a family of doctors, must have done the trick. On a serious note, I feel marrying Sunil has been the best decision of my life

My family my support system
I have two children, daughter Jahnavi and son Charith. Behind every successful man, there is a woman, behind every successful woman, there are many men standing in support. I acknowledge all of them, especially my husband, who stood by me when we started this venture. Many a time, when I was not sure of a decision, he helped me out. My father encouraged my decision. My son, when he calls, the first thing he asks is, “Are you busy, can we talk?” If he senses I am busy, he simply cuts the call. You may be highly successful, but you must have a family to fall back. Touchwood, I have a wonderful family.

My persona
I am simple, fun loving and I love traveling. Despite all the work pressure, my Sundays are reserved for the family. We go on two to three vacations per year. I enjoy interacting with people. I believe in giving my 100% . I believe in my strengths is in slow yet sustainable growth.

Way forward
We are planning to expand across the city and later across the country. The plan is to have 15 centers across covering Hyderabad, Vizag, Kerala and more. I also plan to start my own academy to train our manpower. Of course, the trainers will be experts from the brand itself.

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