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The wonderful memories of our childhood are what made us start Kidz Mania,” “say the dynamic sisters Sindhu and Spandana as they explain the objective behind the play area that allows kids to sweat it out and learn through play. Born to P.Venkateswarlu and P.V.Sujatha, Sindhu and Spandana are pampered and privileged. Their father is one of the directors of the prestigious South India Shopping Mall. So, it goes without saying that entrepreneurship runs in their blood. Brought up on high values, they turned into strong and independent women. The conversation with the duo reveals that Kidz Mania is all about providing today’s tech-dependent children a healthy and fun-filled childhood.

Formative years
Sindhu: I was born & brought up in Hyderabad. I went to the UK to pursue post-graduation in Business Management at the University of Birmingham.
I also earned a diploma in fashion designing from NIFT.
I have grown up watching my entrepreneur-father working.
Spandana: I obtained B.Com degree in taxation and diploma in Pastry Arts in California. We have been given complete freedom to take our decisions.

Previous experience
Sin: I run a fashion label La Bonita. Hence, I am familiar with the dynamics of business management. I have also had a brief stint in the purchase and marketing section of my father’s business before embarking on my own venture.
Spa: I worked for my father for three and a half years as the Marketing Head for South India Shopping Mall. Later, I started baking at home.

Genesis of Kidz Mania
Sin: Today parents complain that their children spend most of their time on mobile phones or watch TV. In fact, parents are to be blamed for it. If you show the children the right place to play, they are sure to develop interest in all the activities like jumping, running, drawing, etc. Undoubtedly, children love to play with other children and want to show each other what they draw or make. Hence, our idea was to create a spick and span, and safe play area that would engage kids in clean physical activities in a pollution and noise-free arena. Spa: The idea of this play zone was actually conceptualised by my sister several years ago. It got translated into Kidz Mania. As my sister said, we wanted to provide parents a safe and healthy area where they can leave their kids to play, explore, interact and learn.

Initial hiccups
Sin: Though we had our father to guide us, starting the place was not an easy task. It was a tough journey right from the word ‘go’ –from selection of the location, understanding the needs of the localities, hiring the right manpower to getting the interiors done. Importing the play tools was another big hurdle because of the curbs imposed by the government.
Though we were delayed by many months, I determined not to let go of the project. Another major concern was the safety.
I wanted to ensure that there is no chance whatsoever of a kid getting injured while playing. Every single possibility of injury had to be looked into. I made my children play in the area so that we could trace any kind of threats. That was an important and crucial step.
Spa: It was a new learning experience for us. As the whole idea and venture was new to us, we had to dig deep into the subject and research before we actually started. Managing human resources is not as easy as it appears. We realised besides marketing acumen, we needed good communication skills and immense patience. It took us nine months to get the place ready. We overcame quite a few challenges and this is where we reached today.

Sin: Kidz Mania gives a whole new dimension to the play area concept in the city. We have a Kids Library Zone for the children to sit, read books and indulge in other activities, if they get tired. We want to make reading a playful experience for them. We also encourage parent-child interaction. We want parents to get involved and play board games, foosball, lego zone, etc, so that they can spend quality time with their children. Moreover, in this competitive world, it is also important to offer quality for price. We definitely stand above the rest in this aspect. We make a lot of efforts to ensure children get the best quality time while they are here. Ours is the only theme-based kid’s play zone in the city. We have chosen an aquatic theme and the whole setup depicts it. In our future ventures, we will try other themes.

Spa: Our cafeteria Eat And Meet is 100% vegetarian and serves top-notch hygienic food. At the eating lounge, we have also arranged books and games for the parents to engage themselves while children have a gala time inside.

Thoughts on motherhood
Sin: As I have 2 daughters- Kritika and Aadhya, I am aware of the time and energy spent on kids. That is when I felt Kidz Mania was the need of the hour. I bring my kids here. They enjoy playing here for hours and never get bored.

Personal Life
Sin: Just as the maxim goes -Behind every successful man, there is a woman, I would say that- Behind every successful woman, there is a man. My husband, Dr.Nagarjuna, is a pulmonologist. He is extremely encouraging and my pillar of strength. We always ensure we spend quality time with our daughters. We go on vacations with them every few months. Yes, we switch off our mobiles to disconnect from the e-world and rejuvenate ourselves. Moreover, my parents & brother Abhinay have always supported me in whatever I did. I never had any restrictions, just because I am a woman. What I am, today, can be greatly attributed to my father who is my role model.
Spa: My husband Mr.Ravi is from Vizag & into real estate business. We got married in 2017. He has been supportive. I travel once in 15 days to Hyderabad. He understands my work and at times, he too flies down to Hyderabad to spend time with me. I can speak for my brother-in-law too. Both the men never look down on our work, despite the fact they both excel in their respective professions. In fact, when we go wrong or feel lost at some point, they say, “Relax, you will learn it and even if you are not able to, then we have your back.”

Future plans
Sin: We want to bring back some of the native games like vamana gunta which we played in our childhood. We are getting new play equipment. Well, we have many surprises in the pipeline to make parents and their children happier. On the business front, we plan to expand and are also working on the franchise model.

Mantra for life
Sin: Don't wait for someone to realise your dreams. Make it happen for yourself. Go, get it, if you want it. Face what comes in the way. Spa: Set your own standards and achieve them. Don’t let anyone define your ideas or dreams.

Their Thoughts
1. Provide the right environ to children. They enjoy playing and interacting with kids of their age group.
2. Business, driven by passion, always succeeds.
3. Success has no gender bias, so work hard.
4. Education helps in empowering women.
Cuisine: Anything spicy
Holiday spot: Beach
Movie: Black & white films
Actress: Deepika Padukone

Cuisine: Indian
Holiday destination:
Any hill station
Movie: Maya bazaar
Hero: My father

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