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Mr.Srinivas Chilukuri, MD, Chilukuri Housing Projects Pvt. Ltd., is an incredible person in more than one way. That, he is a successful real estate professional is writ large with his ventures dotting the city. But he also has an interesting story of how he arrived in Vizag with entrepreneurial dreams, and how he surmounted the roadblocks enroute to the pinnacle of success. Yes, the foundation to his professional edifice is laid on setbacks. They only made him stronger and more determined to take the next big step. He took them as learning experiences and bounced back, focusing on his targets. Besides imposing housing and commercial complexes, the firm has built great reputation. Standing on two strong pillars- honesty and quality of construction, his firm earned the respect of innumerable customers.

Contributing his mite to his field, he has been a pro-active member of CREDAI, National Real Estate Development Council and Kakatiya Cultural Association. Hence, his insights on construction field and real estate, and life are well-founded, profound and hard earned. “It is hard to talk of ups and downs, and storms and calms of two decades in one breath. I can only offer a few glimpses,” says the realtor in his typically stoic manner.

Cyclone effect Brought up in an agricultural family, I knew nothing about trade. Though the world of business always fascinated me, I pursued veterinary science in Bangalore. Then I joined my father in his agricultural endeavours, which I dub as a learning field. I came to Vizag in 1994 to try my hand in businesses. However, let down by the experiences, I returned to my native village Nadipudi. I had seen nothing but only failures for almost a decade. It was the 1996 cyclone which devastated my village and crops that brought me back to the business world. I determined to move on, taking my losses in education, businesses and agriculture in my stride.

Second innings
Thus destiny brought me back to the city, this time for better prospects. Initially, I came with the intention of taking up distribution for Continental Coffee. But it did not take off. Then, I approached my relative Mr.C.P.Rama Rao, a business tycoon, who had his fingers in many pies. I was inspired by him and his accomplishments. He, in turn, introduced me to Mr.A.Ravi, who was doing well in the construction field. Mr.Ravi and Mr.C.P.Rama Rao made me a partner in their upcoming project- Lotus Plaza, nudging me into this wonderful ‘real world.’ This first venture on VIP road, a five-storied residential complex, opened the floodgates of opportunities for me. After that, as the cliché goes, there was no looking back. In 1998, Mr.Ravi shifted to Hyderabad and I took a site from Mr.Rama Rao and went ahead with another venture- Chaitri Complex.

Into real estate
In the same year, we acquired land in Madhurawada and entered real estate business. Taking up projects back-to-back, I successfully completed ventures in and around Vizag. My ventures are unique and carry my stamp and signature, besides my surname Chilukuri.

Well-earned experience
Experiences, good or bad, impart valuable lessons to us. As I climbed the ladder of success, rung by rung, I earned experience and understood that real estate is more viable and lucrative when compared to the construction field. However, that didn’t deter me from taking up construction assignments. The twin apartment complex - Suharika-I and II on Nowroji Road stands testimony to it. We have successfully completed six construction ventures and seven layouts.

Dream project
My extensive travel across the globe broadened my horizons and vision. With this exposure, I decided to take up a mega project which is unique and out-of-the box. Moreover, it is time I gave back to this city that has welcomed me with open arms. So, I wanted my dream project to be here. I crafted a project embellished with every conceivable amenity that is required for the modern life. It is packaged so beautifully that many NRI investors from all over the world are raring to purchase plots and flats here. I joined hands with three more partners and started acquiring land for Brundavan Estates in 2005, which sprawls over 130 acres now and is developed in ten phases. Another uniqueness of this venture is that it is VUDA’s prerogative to take private land and develop it. But here VUDA gave me land and the rare privilege of developing it.

Toughest and easiest
Every project comes with its own set of problems and turns out to be a different experience. The narration will run into innumerable pages, if I start dwelling on each and every one of them.

Gratifying aspect
I have been giving direct employment to 20 people. On an average, I give livelihood to as many as 70 workers on a daily basis. I engage the best architects, engineers and technicians. Fortunately, they all stay loyal to our firm and see my projects through with great dedication and zeal. I am proud of my team for its great commitment and professionalism.

My personal scrutiny at every level of construction stands me in good stead. Besides using the products of best brands, I ensure that they pass through stringent lab tests. I have earned the trust of my customers, painstakingly meeting all their demands. That is my USP. coming from a similar background, I understand the pains a common man goes through, to acquire a place of his own. So I leave no stone unturned till I see his dreams take a concrete shape. Unlike many other builders, I live in the apartments’ complex I built. Hence, I am aware of what I am offering to others.

New trends
We will be witnessing a boom in the high rises and gated communities. People want to live in safe clusters with amenities in proximity. The present generation is eager to own a house. They are better off and more moneyed compared to the previous generation. Governments and banks support them with investment, giving easy loans.

Cut throat competition! We meet it by maintaining our quality and brand image, and leaving our signature & stamp.

CSR activities
Chilukuri Charitable Trust takes care of welfare activities. I have donated profusely for the development of temples, schools, panchayat, chaultries and marriage halls in and around Vizag and my native place. I educate the children of all my employees. Post-Hudhud, I have rendered services in the affected areas. I supported building a classroom and provided furniture to a local school. I lend support to the needy, affected by natural calamities.

Future plans
I shall soon be coming up with another apartment complex and one more unique layout.

Personal note
My parents Mr.Surya Narayana and Mrs.Suryavati brought us (my two sisters and me) with great discipline, care and love. All of us are settled in Vizag and my wife Neelima Krishna is a happy addition to our family. I have two wonderful boys. The elder one, Surya Teja, is studying Engineering in GITAM and an avid sportsperson. He wants to pursue his higher education abroad and later may join me. The younger one Sai Sampath is in 12th standard.

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