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1) Ananthagiri
Fast gaining repute as a health resort, Ananthagiri, situated on the way to Araku, is a prominent tourist spot. The Tadimada Waterfalls adds to the beauty of the place abound with streaming rivulets and coffee plantation.

2) Araku Valley

The Araku Valley, aptly called ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’, rich with verdant landscape, waterfalls, streams, botanical gardens, coffee plantation and tribal culture is worth the 112 km drive from Vizag.

3) Balighattam
Nearly 3 km south west of Narsipatnam and on the banks of Varaha river is a place called Balighattam housing the Brahma Lingeswara Temple.

4) Bavikonda
Bavikonda has 3rd century BC remains of an entire Buddhist complex, with 26 structures and is just 15 km. away from the city. A bone, a part of the mortal remains of the Buddha, preserved in a pot was recovered from this area.

5) Bheemunipatnam Beach
In this oldest municipality in the country is a well equipped round bungalow which was Vizianagaram Raja’s resort, offering a grand sea view. The calm and serene beach, where the Gosthani River meets the Bay of Bengal, is safe for swimming.

6) Bojjanna Konda - Sankaram
Bojjannakonda is situated in Sankaram, 8 km away from Anakapalli. A number of stupas, rock-cut caves, coins dating back to Satavahana era and scriptures written in Bramha Lipi were found here.

7) Borra Caves
Situated 1400 m above sea level and just 29 km away from the city, these caves display rare rock formations dating back to millions of years and worth the ascent and descent of hundreds of steps.

8) Dolphin Nose
The Dolphin Nose, a huge rock headland is named so because of its shape. It juts into the sea and hosts the lighthouse. Since it is located on the 174 m high rock, the powerful beacon of the lighthouse can direct ships even 65 km. away on the sea.

9) Dutch Cemetery
Out of the pages of history and shrouded in mystery is the Dutch Cemetery with its 52 tombs in Bheemunipatnam. The well-preserved tombs display inscriptions in Dutch language that are beautifully ornamented.

10) Erramatti Dibbalu
Vizag’s very own natural wonder standing 28 km
away from the city are the Erra Matti Dibbalu.
These natural ravines are spread extensively in various formations.

11) Etikoppaka
Etikoppaka is an artisans’ village housing artisans eking out a livelihood making world famous colourful wooden toys and artifacts. They have been the custodians of the 200-year-old tradition, creating a wide range of exquisite art pieces using primitive tools.

12) Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
Spread over 425 acres of land, the park is a host for over 400 varieties of animals including Indian tiger, deer and elephant. A mini train facilitates a trip through the park. It also has a collection of animals from Africa and Australia.

13) Kailasgiri Hills
Take a road trip or ropeway to the top of Kailasagiri, a must-do resort with its Shiva Parvathi Statue, Shanku Chakra Naama, Jungle Trails, 7 wonders of Vizag, Shiva Temple, Shanti Ashram, Floral Clock, Landscape Gardens, View Points, Food Courts and the toy train.

14) Kali Temple
The Kali Temple located on RK Beach road is a modern architectural edifice. Next to it is the unique Siva Temple with its 'rasalinga', made of 10 kg single stone.

15) Kambala Konda
Kambalakonda Reserve Forest, spread over 7,146 hectares, the home for rare species of flora and fauna is a great lure for eco-tourists. Visitors can trek over a stretch of 4.5 km or boat in the reservoir. The park is located in a place called Degalagedda.

16) Kapila Konda (Appikonda)
Siva temple located in Appikonda, just 18 km away from the city, houses the Somalingeswara Swamy Temple and contains inscriptions dating back to
12th century AD. The huge bull, carved in black stone, is the major attraction.

17) Keertana Vanam Beach Resort
Keertana Vanam, with its rustic ambience, manicured gardens and coconut grooves is a Beach Resort. It is a prominent picnic spot on the Visakhapatnam - Bheemunipatnam Beach Road. Spread over 13 acres of land, the resort has a restaurant and amphitheatre.

18) Konda Karla Ava lake
Konda Karla-Ava lake, known for its beauty, 10 km away from Anakapalli, an Eco Tourism Destination, is a bird-watchers haven with luring migratory birds from all over the world. A ride in the canoes is an experience in itself.

19) Kurupam Monument
The Taj Mahal of Visakhapatnam, the Kurupam Monument was constructed by Raja Vairicharla Veerbhadra Raja Bahadur in memory of his wife Princess Lakshmi Narasaiyyamma. It is known for its architectural splendour and beautiful engravings.

20) Matsyadarshini Aquarium
Matsyadarshini, an aquarium on RK Beach, has many rare varieties of fish besides uncommon marine invertebrates.

21) Matsyagundam
Matsyagundam is a beautiful pool with fish of many varieties located in the Araku Valley. The nearby Matsyalingeshwara Swamy temple, Machkhand River and Sangda Waterfalls can be reached easily from this spot.

22) Mudasarlova Park
Nestling amidst hills and palm trees and just 5 km away from the city is the Mudasarilova water tank and attached to it is the park full of trees, flowering plants and picnic spots. An added attraction is the picturesque Golf Club.

23) Mutyalampadu Beach
The small hill by name Syamala Konda, on the Bheemili road is attractive with a stream debouching into the sea.

24) Paderu
Paderu situated about 110 km from the city, is a picturesque valley at an altitude of over 900 m
above the sea level and is inhabited by tribals and surrounded by good number of hill streams.

25) Pavuralakonda
Pavuralakonda is a hillock near Bheemunipatnam. It offers a beautiful view of the coastline. Excavations brought out Buddhist artifacts and objects, foundations of viharas, circular chaityagrihas, stupas and halls.

26) Rama Krishna Beach
The Rama Krishna Beach (RK Beach), synonymous with the city, is the major rallying and picnic point for Vizagites. You can take an exciting walk along the beach if you don’t mind the jostling crowds, swarming hawkers and excited children.

27) Rushikonda Beach
Rushikonda, fringing the golden sands and vast stretch of water, is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, providing skiing, sunbathing, wind surfing and swimming facilities. A lodge, cottages, and a restaurant offer amenities. The 14th century Sri Sapta Rusheswara temple is an added attraction.

28) Simhachalam
The 11th century Simhachalam temple, located on the hilltop, at a height of 244 m, draws millions of devotees from all over the world, especially during the Chandanotsavam. The trek or even a ride up to the hill is an exhilarating experience for both body and spirit.

29) Sivaji Park
Spread over an area of 3 acres in the heart of the city, Sivaji Park has many attractions like skating rink, amphitheater and food courts and is an ideal picnic spot.

30) Kanakamahalakshmi Temple
The temple of the presiding deity of Vizag, Goddess Sri Kanakamalalakshmi, is located smack
in the centre of the city. The uniqueness of the temple is that devotees can directly worship the deity at the sanctum sanctorum.

31) Submarine Museum
INS Kurusura, the submarine turned into a museum is the very first in Asia and second in the world and is anchored on RK Beach. This Russian built submarine embarked on its journey on Feb 20, 1970 via the Baltic Sea and reached the city on May 11, 1970. It was decommissioned after 31 years in the nation’s defence service.

32) Thotla Konda
The Thotlakonda Buddhist complex on a hillock 128 m above the sea and 15 km away from the city on the Bheemili Beach Road, houses 300-200 BC ruins of Hinayana sect.

33) Three Hills
Displaying the secularism at its best are the three hills. From Sri Venkateswara Konda one can view the port channel. The Mount Ross Hill is the central one. The north hillock has a mosque and the mausoleum of the Muslim saint, Baba Ishaq Madina and known as Darga Konda.

34) Tyda Nature Camp
Tyda is a small tribal village nestled in the Eastern Ghats, 75 km away from the city on the Araku Road. Jungle Bells, the nature camp, facilitates rock climbing, trekking and bow and arrow target shooting. The log huts and tents are set in tribal environment
to encourage eco-tourism.

35) Visakha Museum
Set up on the RK Beach Road, the museum displays the many artifacts and curios. The unexploded 250 lb bomb that was dropped during the World War II and the desk used by Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to the city are preserved here.

36) VUDA Park
VUDA Park or Taraka Rama Park is a weekend spot for family picnics with a green playfield, artificial caves, beautiful lawns, flower gardens, children's park, boating and swimming facilities and skating rink. Music concerts are held at the Vaisakhi Open Air Auditorium.

37) War Memorial
Victory at sea is dedicated to the war martyrs and located on the beach road. 38 Yarada Beach
The Yarada Beach offers a picturesque landscape with its exotic blend of golden sands and lush green stretch of hills.

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