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Glamorous, bubbly, happy-go-lucky, full of life, Mahalakshmi- Mehreen Pirzada has many epithets. The actor, who became a phenomenon in the industry with Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha, is ready to surprise and treat her audience appearing in a different avatar in Jawaan. But the one thing that has remained constant is she does not make heavy weather about success or failure. The fact that her smouldering good looks and acting prowess are talked about across the country does not drive her life. Mehreen gets the kick from doing her own thing. Yep, she definitely adds the bling to bindaas! In her first ever detailed interview, she talks with great confidence.

It’s a hat-trick hit with Raja The Great. What are your feelings?
On cloud 9! I am glad that my work has been widely appreciated and audience could relate to the concept.

Are you under pressure?
Not really. I have been very choosy.
I listen to the script putting myself in the audience’s shoes. If it is interesting enough, I go for it.

On working with Ravi Teja…
Energy is his middle name! He is very humble and a chilled out person. There is always so much to learn from him. I can’t wait to share screen space with him.

Director Anil…
He is ‘Red Bull’ to all of us on the sets. He is focused and knows what he wants from his actors. I have never seen him carry the script around. It seems to be crystal clear in his mind. We all owe our performances to him.

Any unforgettable incident?
Every day was a celebration. We were like this one big happy family. All of us are going to cherish the time spent working together.

Any scenes that you improvised?
Every scene needs to be improvised. After all, acting is all about reacting to the other person’s action.

Are you very accident-prone?
I am a very happy-go-lucky person.
You will always find me jumping and goofing around on the sets. So, obviously, I get injured frequently.

The films in which you were injured are hits. Coincidence?
I am not superstitious at all. Yes, I got injured in all my films. That doesn’t hinder my never-give-up attitude. If you have given your 100% to your profession, the audience is bound to appreciate you and your work.

Upcoming projects?
Jawaan and Nenjil Thunivirundhal (bilingual).

You were an active member of the International Rotary Club and Vice President at School Interact Club. You are a silver Recipient from Duke of Edinburgh for Adventure and Trekking and a pre-national air pistol holder. What next?
Well, for a start, I have my eyes on the gold in the adventure and trekking category. I have a lot to accomplish and a long way to go. I feel the universe will give you what you desire, only when you are prepared to greet it with open arms. My arms are open to receive good things.
You were crowned Miss Personality South Asia Canada in 2013. Tell us about it.
That made me realise that I am cut out for this industry. I used to look like a tomboy, but the team groomed me into a glamourous girl. The audience cheered me till the end.
Tell us about your modelling career.

After the pageant, I got a couple of modelling offers in Canada. But I shifted to India for a brighter prospect. I did nearly 50 ads of the top-notch brands in six months. On facing the camera for the first time?
I am camera-friendly. During my childhood, I used to leave my hair open and dance like Karisma and Kajol. I was fondly called ‘the laughing Buddha’ in my family.

What struggles did you face?
Life itself is a challenge. All successful people have had their own share of ups and downs. But they have carved an image for themselves through sheer hard work and dedication. That is what makes them ‘super-beings’.

On working with Anushka, Diljith & Suraj...
Though I was a newcomer, everybody on the sets pampered me. I recall, during my beauty pageant competition in Canada, I was asked, “Which Bollywood actress would you choose as your mentor?” and I replied, “Anushka Sharma”. That time I had no clue that one day I would be launched by her and even get an opportunity to share the same screen space. She is like an older sister. I am awe-struck by her looks and performance.

Describe your acting style.
I don’t have any style as such. An actor should be able to do justice to whatever role she or he is given. I don’t want to stereotype myself in one particular kind or genre.

How do you prepare for your roles?
I sit with my director and try to understand his expectations. Since, he is the captain of the ship, he knows the best. I also discuss with my designer to create that perfect look. I make sure that the audience gets to see a ‘new Mehreen’ every time I appear on screen.

Which of your roles is closest to your heart?
All of them! All my projects are like my babies. But yes, the most challenging role was my character in Raja The Great. I played a depressed girl who has given up on life.

Your strength & weakness…
My strength is my unfaltering dedication. If I have decided to pursue anything, I will give it my best shot. I don’t have the ‘let me at least try it out’ trait in me. Either I will give it my 100% or I won’t do it at all. I wouldn’t call it a weakness. but sometimes, I zone out in the midst of a conversation.

Which area would you like to improvise?
Every day you need to work hard to become a better you. The day you are completely satisfied with yourself, you stop progressing. Look at Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Hassan. They always want to do something better.

Your brother, Gurfateh is a model and an actor. Do you discuss projects with him?
Yes, I do take his input but I take the final decision. That is how I am. I ask everybody for an opinion but then I do what I feel is right.

Did your parents accept your choice?
Yes, my mother has always supported my brother and me. She says, “Follow your passion. You are the best judge. If you feel what you are doing is right, keep going. Don’t bother about what others say.”

Do you stay in touch with your fans?
Of course! The reason why they remember me, despite not having a release for a long time, is because I am always in touch with them. I love them and they know that.

Do you read what critics write about you?
Everyone has the freedom to put forth his/her opinion and I respect them for that. But we should leave the judgment to the audience.

On featuring on the cover page of our magazine?
I used to work in 7-Eleven store in the US. My customers used to say, “Sunshine, what are you doing here? You are born to sizzle on the cover page of glam magazines.” So, thank you red magazine for making my dream come true.

Puppies or kittens?
The naughty one with the eyes closed and tongue out.
…movie dialogue?
Ne cheppa na, ne cheppa na, ne cheppa na.
Best dressed man?
Amitabh Bachchan
Last book you read
The Alchemist
Last person who texted you
Designer Swetha
Craziest fan story
I have a fan-made twitter handle called Mehreenism. They post about me even before I do
Scariest thing
Bungee jumping
What angers you? Dishonesty
Early bird/night owl
Early bird
Male role that you would like to play?
Spirit animal
After 10 years...
Top of my game and a role model
Worst pick-up line? Is your father a terrorist because you are a bomb?
Most treasured item in your closet
Salman gave me the Being Human shirt that he was wearing.
If invisible, who would you spy on?
My brother
Wardrobe musts…
Comfy clothes. I eye Nush, Anushka's clothing brand now.
Makeup you dislike
Heavy make-up & dark lipstick. I like natural look.

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